Silent Art Auction

This year we will be holding our very first Silent Art auction, open to all artists, builders, crafters, hobbyists and makers. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work in a dedicated space for prospective buyers. With JFTW being a social convention and the layout of the hotel it allows for a significant amount of footfall for people to view and bid on your works.

We welcome entries in several mediums though we ask you to please read through our terms noted below to see if your works would be suitable. At JFTW we support giving to worthwhile causes and ask that at least 10% of the final bid be donated to our chosen charity. Entries will be accepted the day before for setup, spaces are on a first come first served basis. Please familiarise yourself with the terms below before submitting.

The auction itself will run for one day [TBC], with the ‘Last bids” auction taking place that evening. Pieces can then be paid for and picked up the next day, followed by artist’s receiving payment.

For more information email: [email protected]

General Info

  • Just Fur the Weekend Ltd. (hereafter, JFTW) will offer a designated exhibition space, for your art items. This will be done via a silent bid over the course of one day.
  • JFTW would appreciate a minimum donation of 10% of the final selling price to the convention’s chosen charity. Higher donation percentages are also possible at the seller’s discretion. All charity donations will be calculated after the final sale price has been determined.
  • JFTW will not exhibit or auction any item that is considered copyright infringing, illegal under UK law, or otherwise violates the List of Prohibited Items. Please read the Prohibited Items list below before submitting your art items to be sure.
  • If you create artwork that uses other people’s Intellectual Property, but falls under the UK Copyright Fair Use or Parody clauses, or are characters that are easily confused for copyrighted characters, you MUST contact us in advance of the convention:
    • Due to the nature of these items we would prefer to be informed of their content in advance.
      JFTW reserves the right to remove from display content in which we believe is unsaleable.
    • If the distinction cannot be met between a copyrighted character, and a character that looks similar we as a UK convention do not want to give the impression that we allow the usage of copyrighted characters.
    • You may be required to provide a signed statement from a solicitor or the intellectual property’s copyright holder that the item in question is considered Fair Use under UK Copyright Law.
    • These rules do not apply to original characters created in a similar or parody style to existing intellectual property.
      For example, you may draw your own Fox in the style of Disney’s Zootopia/Zootropolis as long as it is provably not Nick Wylde.
  • JFTW Art Auction may exclude items from the auction at any time if we have
    evidence it is reselling of previously commissioned pieces from other artists, or from an artist not present at the convention.
  • Items placed into the Auction must be finished pieces sold as presented, JFTW will not accept any works in progress or placeholders for unfinished pieces. In the case of “Your Character Here” pieces or similar customisable work, an example of work may be included to display craftsmanship.
  • All pieces submitted for the auction must be finished pieces of the highest
    quality production. Pieces put up for sale must be free from pixelation, artefacting, faded or obscured detail, or visible mistakes that are not considered part of the design or appeal of the artwork.
  • JFTW would prefer all submitted pieces to be originals or limited-run reproductions such as prints. Unlimited run reproductions are better suited to the wider audience of the Dealers Den.
  • JFTW recognises that all Artists want to see their art do well in any Auction or online. However any attempt to raise/influence the bid in favour of your own art will be taken seriously and result in the item being removed from sale.
    This also includes Proxy Bidding, wherein the attendee/buyer making the bid must be at the convention with the intent to bid on the item for themselves and/or behalf of anyone else present or not present at JFTW.
  • Any circumstances arising in relation to the auction, up to and including anything not otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions remains at the discretion of the JFTW Management, who’s decision in all matters will be final.

The Silent Auction

  • During the Bidding process of the JFTW Silent Auction any bid made is to be considered an agreement to purchase the respective item if not outbid by the completion of the auction. Do not place a bid if you are not prepared to spend money.
  • Existing bids maybe only cancelled by designated members of JFTW Staff.
  • Due to the space limitations of the available room, auction items maybe moved by designated JFTW Staff members without prior notice.
    This is to allow the best use of the space to display all auction items submitted.
  • The Silent Auction space will contain tables and freestanding gridwalls for the display of submissions. You may use your own equipment for display in this space, but JFTW will not be held responsible for any damage/loss of property used in this manner.
  • Items may not be withdrawn from the Silent Auction once any bids have been placed upon them.
  • Items may have a reserve price put on them. This price must be met in the first bid for it to continue in the auction. Items submitted under a first reserve bid should be met on the first bid, if JFTW recognises a false/inaccurate bid said bid will resolve to the original bidder.
  • If any item remains at zero bids for the entirety of the auction, it will be up to the submitting artist to retrieve any items left after bidding has closed. JFTW will not be held responsible for any accidental damage to any items left behind.
  • JFTW reserves the right to remove from the auction at any time and without warning any item considered to not adequately follow the terms and conditions outlined here, or to contain anything listed under “Prohibited Items”.
  • JFTW may limit the number of pieces submitted to the Silent Auction due to time constraints or lack of space. This will be agreed on a basis that it’s not possible to hold any more art in the Silent Auction space.

Terms of Auction Sale

  • JFTW acts as a participant in the sole purpose of displaying the art, in the event of any disputes between seller and buyer, it is the respective parties duty to uphold the contract once bidding has stopped. JFTW will not intervene in active dispute between Seller and Buyer under any circumstances.
  • As a Seller at the JFTW Silent Auction, you will actively be creating a contract between yourself and the buyer. You agree to the sale of the item to the highest bidder, and if the bids made are fraudulent in activity the bid will revert to the previous bid at JFTW’s discretion.
  • JFTW will not be held responsible for any items remaining unsold, or left behind at the convention after the bidding is completed. Pieces may either be destroyed or kept for the purpose that, if remaining uncollected within one year, the art will be sold at the next convention and 100% be donated to the JFTW charity that year. JFTW does not have storage space for left auction pieces, so we advise to make arrangements for collection of your items.
  • Art Items left in the care of JFTW are done so at the Seller’s risk. JFTW will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to items. Reasonable care will be taken for the for the safe keeping of the items, should anything happen to the Art Pieces then you will have to file an insurance claim for yourself.
  • Artist payout will take place after sold art pickup has completed. Any payouts over £100 will be done over bank transfer. A receipt will be provided.
  • JFTW may release contact information on Seller/Buyer to complete a transaction after the bidding has completed. Unless stated otherwise the email given upon registration.

Prohibited Items

The following rules cover all items on sale in the Dealers’ Den or the Art Auction.

We are understanding and open to a wide range of subjects, but we are still bound the rules and law of the United Kingdom. If you plan on bringing anything that lies in the grey area regarding any of the following rules, please contact staff in advance before arriving, as the nature of the subject may have the item removed from public display or the Art Auction entirely without warning. This will save embarrassment upon arrival or submission of work as the decision will be made on a case by case basis from Just Fur the Weekend Ltd.

There can be no items on sale or display (publicly or otherwise) at the convention that will violate the following:

  • We do not allow the sale of any real animal parts, or any sale of such fabrics. This extends to pelts, fur and any other parts.
    PLEASE BE AWARE: This does NOT include items made of leather or sheepskin, as these are a by-product of the meat industry and as such not covered by the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000.
  • We do not allow anything that violates European and/or UK Law.
    This includes (but is not limited to) weapons, imitation weapons and drugs (illegal or otherwise).
  • We do not allow items that violate UK copyright law. Copying or adapting other people’s intellectual property is a breach of UK and international copyright law. All items you sell must either depict original characters, fall under Fair Use, be a licensed item (e.g. official merchandise), or you must have a written and signed permission from the original intellectual property allowing you to profit off their work. If you obtain such a signed permission, please contact staff in advance of the con so we have time to verify your claim. If we do not have time to do so, the item will be excluded.
  • Items may not be perishable and may not be dangerous to display for an ordinary, clumsy viewing public.
  • No depictions of rape or other non-consensual violence in combination with sexual content. Bondage or sub/dom depictions are allowed. Consensual sex of any kind, regardless of species and gender, is allowed (unless covered by the rules below or other relevant laws).
  • No excessive violence and cruelty (even in non-sexual context). Depiction of violence in general is allowed at a reasonable level, including blood or hunting. If you are in doubt about this rule, show the picture to the staff before the con.
  • No paedophilia / “cub porn”. We are aware that this is a difficult rule since the actual age of drawn characters is open to interpretation, especially where the characters are drawn in a cartoon style. Appearances count; characters with a very childlike appearance and/or baby face may be considered “children” in the context of this rule. Again, please ask a member of staff if you are unsure whether this rule applies to any of your items.
  • No zoophilia and/or bestiality involving humans or largely human-like characters (e.g. anime catgirls, elves, or centaurs) with animals or largely non-morphic characters (four-legged) is allowed. Other species transcending sexual activity (e.g. anthros and humans) is generally allowed.
    Toilet activities are highly discouraged. This includes scat, watersports, adult diapers in use, or vomit. We do not exclude this content as a rule, but we do appeal to your sensitivity and common sense in showing excretion fetish work, which may not be suitable for a wide and varied public audience.
    In other words, we will most likely exclude these items, except in cases of very mild depictions.
    If you think your item falls under this rule, please contact staff in advance of the con.
  • No discriminatory, derogatory or offensive, including depictions hate speech and racist symbolism items may be sold.