JFTW will be taking additional precautions this year against viral infections and asking individuals identified as having flu-like symptoms at the convention to either self-isolate or leave the event.

The medical lead and/or board of directors will have final say on individual decisions.

Code of Conduct

The following general rule supersedes all others and may be invoked at any time:

Any action or behaviour that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Just Fur The Weekend’s (JFTW) relationship with its guests, its venues or the public may result in permanent suspension of membership.

We reserve the right to revoke membership for actions or behaviours occurring at JFTW and/or outside of it, if we are provided with information, which after investigation, we believe to be true, that suggests the presence of a member is likely to be harmful to the running of the convention.

  • You must be at least 18 years old on your first day at the convention.
  • Only registered attendees may enter convention space, which will be clearly marked.
  • Other hotel residents who are not registered with JFTW may enter the public areas of the hotel according to their individual contract with the hotel.
  • You are required to wear your badge prominently at all times so that you can be identified and recognised as a member of the convention.
  • Changing or covering up any information on your badge (i.e. by using stickers or drawings) is strictly forbidden.
  • If you have lost your room key, please contact the hotel front desk immediately. JFTW does not accept any liability resulting from lost room keys.

General Behaviour

  • Treat others respectfully.
  • No” means no. “Stop” means stop. “Go away” means go away. We will not accept any other interpretation of these statements.
  • Repeated harassment of attendees and/or staff who have told you ”no”, “stop” or “go away”, will result in a final warning. There will be no exceptions to this.
  •  We accept individuals can reserve any kind of physical contact with their close friends and family only. These boundaries should be respected by all
  • If you’re not sure whether somebody wants to be hugged, tackled or pounced please ask permission from them first.
  • Poor personal hygiene which is to the detriment of others can result in the from convention spaces until the problem is corrected. 
  • Appropriate and respectful behaviour is expected at all times, especially in the pool and health club areas.
  • You are liable for any damage you might cause to any property, howsoever caused.

Hotel Rooms and Privacy

  • You are expected to treat the hotel rooms and property of the hotel reasonably and with care. You will be held personally liable for any damage you or any others invited into the room may cause.
  • It is strictly prohibited to allow non-residential attendees to sleep in your hotel room. Known commonly as “Ghosting” this offence poses risks to both the convention and the hotel’s fire regulations. Violators may be expelled and held liable for compensation claims of the venue.
  • The cleaning crew is required to check your room at least once a day. “Do Not Disturb” signs will therefore only be respected until 11:00am.Leaving a tip instead of a mess would certainly be held in much higher regard.
  • You are required to ask and gain permission from your roommates before running a room party or inviting guests.
  • You must not disturb people in any other hotel rooms. Keep the noise down after midnight. If you are asked to reduce noise more than twice you are likely to be required to stop what you are doing.

Hotel Pool and Health Club Facilities

  • Please be considerate of other pool users and obey all directions from the lifeguards/pool staff as well as all instructional signage. If rules are broken you may be asked to leave the health club, and face further restrictions from the hotel and JFTW.
  • The hotel pool may only be used while wearing appropriate swimwear.
  • You may not overcrowd the pool, try to create a vortex, or do anything else that might cause the pool to overflow.
  • Entering any part of the pool area in a fursuit is strictly prohibited.
  • To avoid cultural misunderstandings, please make yourself familiar with local sauna customs. In any case, please read the instructions posted or ask a member of staff within the Health Club.

Alcohol and other Drugs

  • You are expected to drink responsibly. You will be held liable for what you say and what you do while intoxicated. Intoxication is not an excuse for unacceptable behaviour, actions or statements made.
  • Persons who are intoxicated to the point of incapacity may be escorted to their rooms or ejected from the venue and convention at the discretion of the Welfare Department.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the entire hotel building except designated smoking areas. This is due to UK legislation passed in 2006 (Health Act 2006).
  • The current venue offers no smoking designated bedrooms but does have designated smoking areas outside of the hotel.
  • A considerable cleaning fee will be charged for smoking in a non-smoking room.
  • If in the event of the hotels’ fire detection system is activated due to smoking activities within the building, you will be subject to eviction. The hotel management and the convention directors have final say. Just don’t do it!
  • The possession, consumption or sale of any quantity of any illegal or controlled substance (including, but not limited to: THC, LSD, Ecstasy, Amphetamines, etc.) will not be tolerated. Attendees found in possession of such controlled substances will be arrested, handed over to the police and indefinitely banned from the convention.
  • The abuse or misuse of any other substances (such as nitrous oxide “NOS”, alkyl nitrates “Poppers”, glue, “legal highs” etc.) as a drug may also get you immediately expelled and possibly banned from the convention.
  • JFTW reserves the right to inform any affiliated conventions or events of such incidents (including, but not limited to: Confuzzled, Scotiacon, and optionally others that also reach matching GDPR compliance).

General Hotel Rules

  • The consumption of food or drink purchased outside of the hotel is not permitted, unless it is consumed in your private hotel room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw, drop or push any objects out of windows, from balconies, galleries or similar parts of the building. Violators will be expelled from the convention.
  • Attendees may not enter the services areas of the hotel. This includes all backstage areas, service elevators, the rooftops, emergency exits and all areas market as “Staff Only”.
  • Tampering with any fire-protection devices – in particular, disabling smoke detectors or malicious triggering of fire doors or alarms – is illegal, therefore prohibited and will result in expulsion from the event and liability for any damages or associated costs being borne by the perpetrator(s).
  • If you wish to wear body paint, it must be smear-safe and not transferable to any other persons or surfaces. General clothing decency rules still apply.
  • Do not deliberately crack open glow-sticks or similar items containing dyes, sticky, or corrosive material.
  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to use glow-sticks as “poi” (spinning them at the end of strings) as they may crack open or slip, causing significant injury to others.
  • The sale of any merchandise outside of the official Dealers’ Den requires explicit permission from the JFTW Directors.
  • It is not permitted to bring any animals aside from registered service animals to the convention as the hotel has a “no pets” policy.

Clothing and Decency

  • Nudity and suggestive clothing (or lack thereof)  is not allowed in any of the convention spaces or public areas and we reserve the right to compel you to return to your room and change into appropriate clothing before you can return to a public area.
  • Sexual behaviour that goes beyond a mere display of affection is not allowed in public.
  • Wearing, displaying or trading costumes, accessories or other items made out of real fur is strictly forbidden.
  • Display of any sign, symbol or clothing that is commonly associated with any organisation, party or political ideology likely to offend or cause discomfort to other guests or attendees is not permitted.
  • Display of adult-themed materials is not permitted in public areas of the hotel. This includes (but is not limited to): room signs, flyers, business cards, posters and drawings on public message boards.
  • Blatant exposure of fetish gear is not permitted in public, even if it is part of a costume.
  • The definition of “adult-themed” materials is the equivalent of what you can see on the magazine covers of an average newsagent. Drawing the line for “fetish gear” is much harder, and the issue will always be highly subjective.
  • For example, there are a few things that we do not want to see in public:
    • No inflatable costumes
    • No visibly “anatomically correct” costumes – wear clothes!
    • No costumes or accessories commonly associated with age-play, pet-play, bondage or sadomasochism.

    On the other hand, the following items are usually considered okay:

    • Collars without a leash attached
    • Leather wristbands, without “D-Ring”
    • Accessories used in an “innocent” context, such as a dog harness that is part of a sled dog costume.

    We may take the liberty to allow individual exceptions from the “fetish gear” rules if your outfit is exceptionally discreet, tasteful . JFTW withholds the right disallow any costume that is deemed “fetish gear” by the Welfare Department, Directorship or at the request of the hotel’s management.
    If in doubt, ask!

Weapons, Lookalikes and Dangerous Items

  • All weapons, including lookalikes, replicas, tools and toys must be approved by the Welfare Department for inspection. To do so, please bring your weapon to the Welfare Department Desk.
  • For guidance on what type of weapons are acceptable, please contact: [email protected]
  • Mock fights, swordplay, fire breathing or any other activities that may adversely affect bystanders, or hotel property are not allowed without explicit permission from the Welfare Department, who will appoint a staff member to take precautions and observe the activity.
  • The Welfare Department may require your weapon to be “peace-bound”. Tampering with the peace bonding is not allowed and will invalidate the clearance immediately. It is unlikely they will peace bind it again if there is evidence that this was deliberate.

Photography and Video Recording

  • Just Fur The Weekend (a trading name of JFTW UK LTD) reserves all rights to video and photo material gathered at the convention except footage from private rooms.
  • JFTW UK LTD grants you the right to use videos and photos you have taken at the convention for private and/or non-commercial purposes.
  • Publication in for-profit media (such as press, television or other commercial mass media) requires written permission by the Directors.
  • Official camera teams may record video and take photos in the public areas of the convention and during events to be used in various publications, such as the convention’s official (or otherwise endorsed) highlights videos. You agree that video and pictures taken of you can be used in such publications without release or compensation.
  • A release will only be required for material filmed in situations where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists.
  • Photography and filming is strictly forbidden in the Dealers’ Den.
  • Other restrictions or rules may apply for certain events and will be announced on location.

Any attempt to circumvent the rules risks penalties up to and including a permanent ban. The Chiefs of Security and/or the Directors reserve the right to choose the appropriate penalty for all of the rules mentioned above and any subvariations thereof.

Decisions by Chiefs of Security and/or Directors are FINAL.