Guest of Honour

Alector Fencer

We are pleased to announce ‘Alector Fencer’ as our GOH for 2019.

Alector Fencer is a Professional Artist, Writer and Director for Myre. She is based in Germany and built her reputation on Deviantart and other art based sites. It wasn’t long before she was approached by companies and publishers asking for paintings and graphics. Alector has, to this date, been commissioned by companies such as WHV Design, Zems Fantasy Card Games and Paizo Publishing. Today, she continues to work as a successful freelance artist.

As well as being an artist, Alector is also a leather crafter and graphic designer. Her work is drawn from nature, highlighting the beautiful and mysterious, portraying fantasy and mythical concepts. The characters she creates are full of emotion and life, often leaving the viewer empathetic towards them and wanting to know more. Alector has inspired many in the fandom and is set to inspire a new generation of fans with her book Myre.

Myre was first envisioned by Alector in 2009. She is the imagination behind its characters and the adventurous world of Yria itself. It is from her that the stories, tales and images of Myre pour. She is the lead (and only) artist, director and head writer of the series.

Want to meet Alector?

She will be joining us for the duration of the convention, lending the venue her inspiring energy.

Alector will also be taking part in various panels and events. Details will be confirmed soon, but for now please check out her work!

Myre – Furaffinity – Twitter –  Deviantart