Guest of Honour


We are pleased to announce ‘Ndro’ as our Staff GOH for 2020.

Ndro is a Professional Graphic Designer, Writer and provides Human amusement at an hourly rate. He is based in the North East of England and has been with the convention from it’s first year. Providing graphic and typography support via the Creative Team. Now 5 years on, JFTW never could have managed without him. He’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to obscure media, a determined perfectionist and a tea drinker.

Ndro is currently going through the process of publishing a set of short stories! We’re hoping he will bring a flavour of which to the convention for a reading.

You will find most of his written works here:

As a big film nerd and an avid reader of general space rubbish, he has recommended the following;

To watch: ‘Blade Runner’, Terry Gilliams ‘Brazil’ and ‘Blues Brothers’.
To read: Night Watch (Terry Pratchett), Necromancer (William Gibson), anything by Philip K Dick.

Hes a big fan of British based comic ‘2000AD’… so of course a big fan of our theme this year.

Ndro helps out our Creative Team, from PR graphics to Conbook editing. He goes over all of our media with a magnify glass before it goes to print. Muttering about PDF resolutions and email compression. Even quoting Pantone colour references in his sleep! He is also one of the key members that helped shape JFTW image and logo!

Want to meet Ndro?

He will be joining us for the duration of the convention, you’ll most likely see him inspecting a pint at the bar.

Ndro will also be taking part in various panels and events. Details will be confirmed soon, but for now please check out his work!