Keep cool, Drink water often and Don’t overdo it

It’s no laughing matter, we can all experience heat exhaustion while we’re having fun.

That is why it is important for those who fursuit to be able to recognise and act when someone is experiencing problems. Even experienced fursuiters are at risk, and everyone should keep an eye out for the symptoms. The earlier you or the person in question can identify what is wrong, the quicker the recovery.

Inspired by an original design by the U.S. National Weather Service ( and made by the JFTW Creative Team in 2016, we wanted to educate fursuiters to notice the warning signs of heat exhaustion, so what better way than to furry up the poster and make it more relevant to convention suiting. Spreading awareness helps reduce incidents, preventing attendees from having a negative experience, saving medical and welfare teams time and resources, and of course making sure everyone has more fun than worry.

By popular request, we have made our version of the poster freely available to all.

Available Download Versions

Special thanks to our Creative Team for producing this poster. Please do credit them accordingly where possible.

Our suggestion would be to credit this page directly (, to help others to find this poster more easily.

We hope this poster continues to keep everyone safe for years to come.



Special thanks to Stormy from Association Anthrofur for doing the French translation. Merci beaucoup!


Special thanks to ‘Echoes Above’ from Baydern Furs for doing the Germantranslation. Danke Dir.