Wow what a year

And it’s all thanks…

…To you guys. Our attendees, our team and of course the Bristol Filton Holiday Inn, who gave us a home for the weekend.

We were so happy to bring you a second year and really happy you came back to party with us. Our casual weekend has grown, you brought more friends, even family with you to share in your experience. The attendee numbers doubled, our sponsors doubled, our food & drink intake doubled… you get the idea.

We are looking forward to catching up with you at Jefty 2018!

-JFTW Team

Round 2!

We started the convention off with flying fur, as ‘Dogs vs Cats’ vote came to a tie, both ended up with shaven heads for charity. Our Guests of Honour, Garnet and Lapres, made everyone feel special with their panels, events and presence around the convention. The Fursuit Games ended up flooding the room with balls and Motorfurs had their first ‘Best Car in show’ awards.

Our furusit walk took place on the Clifton Bridge, outside @Bristol and through the city centre. The positive vibe from the 2 coach loads of attendees held back the rain all day. The dance competition brought some new and cute talent! An exciting adventure around the convention with the ‘Photo Safari’ took many by surprise.

‘What the Fluff’ joined us for one evening, and kept everyone’s legs moving to their playlist. The Variety show had everyone in stitches and Jackbox just encouraged even more silliness. Much booze and food was consumed, all and all, twas a good weekend.

Not to mention the brief false fire alarm evac…