There were donkeys

there was ice cream!

Returning for our third wonderful year, Just Fur The Weekend recreated some of the seaside experience in our humble Bristol locale, bringing all the fun of the seaside to our fuzzy patrons without the need to fight for a space on the sand or the risk of rain ruining it. Many packed their deck chairs, stocked up on sun cream and joined Favian Fox for a wonderful weekend on the beach.

It was a good weekend to catch up with friends and make new ones, whilst enjoying yourself away from home. Wish you were there!

We are all looking forward to seeing you at Jefty 2019!

A great third year

Together we raised £1426.94 for our charity, Heart, our highest amount yet! That might be down to a particular blue individual riding an inflatable duck on stage… needless to say the charity were speechless and now have a wonderful opinion of the convention, attendees and the fandom as a whole. Well done everyone!

Big thank you to all our Sponsors, attendees and JFTW team for making it possible, without you we would not have had such a good time. A special thank you to Blü and Ceil Fox for being our guests of honor, and being outstanding throughout the convention. One providing comedy and sparkling dance moves whilst the other stuffed the hotel with cute giant inflatables, both were a welcome sight to all.

Each of our events went very well, Motorfurs had it’s second prestigious award presentation, the Fursuit walk /coach trip travelled to Clevedon Pier where we had a few notified members of the public waiting, Nerf-wars extended their battle late into the night, Fursuit Fiasco exploded, The Dance competition showed us some new talent. There is so much to mention, it’s better to just join us again for next year to find out.

It was good to see returning faces as well as new ones. We hope to keep moving on up, bringing you an even better convention next year!

-JFTW Team

A selection of videos from our attendees. Amazing people, amazing memories an amazing time.
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