It came from the Silver Screen!

We let the monsters take over

For our fourth year we decided to take it easy and go to the movies, with the late night creature feature “It Came From The Silver Screen…” For the entire weekend the venue buzzed with movie magic as we let the monsters that stalk the big screen take over!

The wide variety of events proved a big hit, with something for everyone going throughout the venue across all three days, from drawing and fursuitng panels, to social events, to karaoke and even a Smash Bros. tournament. Particularly popular was new-for-this-year Movie Night, where we screened two cult classics in their entirety. This included the 1920s horror classic “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, complete with live accompaniment from our very own Widor on the organ.

A fantastic fourth!

Our charity for the year was Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, who care for all manner of animals big or small at their centre in East Sussex. Over the course of the weekend, our fabulous charity team and attendees raised £1968 through donation buckets and the closing ceremony auction, which makes 2019 our most successful year yet for fund raising.

Once again it was brilliant seeing everyone, old regulars and new faces all, for another successful convention, the event really wouldnʼt be what it is without all of our brilliant attendees and seeing you all enjoying yourselves makes it all worth while. Thank you to everyone for coming along and making the event the experience we all know and love, and especially those who choose to sponsor us so we can put that little more in to making it all magical.

Extra special thanks go to our wonderful guest of honour Alector Fencer, who was not only an absolutely brilliant guest but also provided us with an amazing unique piece of artwork for use on our conbook cover, which was totally unexpected and blew us away with the end result.

All in all it was a five-star, two thumbs up, would watch again kind of film, and we canʼt wait for the sequel coming in 2020, we hope youʼll all be able to catch it too!

A selection of videos from our attendees. Amazing people, amazing memories an amazing time.
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