Customise Your Package

Below are various room types and costs

The best way to fully enjoy the convention is to stay with us at the Holiday Inn Bristol Filton Hotel. Unlike many US conventions, once you have registered we will do the hotel booking on your behalf, so you can sit back! You’ll be known as a residential registration, this gives you free parking and wifi! If you want something special we offer Executive room upgrades too under Super Sponsor.

Double and Twin rooms are based on double-occupancy. You must select a room share partner who has the same room type and stay dates as yourself before the close of registration. Otherwise, you agree to let JFTW Registration staff allocate a room partner  who has the same room type and stay dates.

Each residential registration comes with the exclusive JFTW 2020:
– Lanyard
– Convention badge and holder
– Conbook
– Vinyl sticker

Your registration must be paid within a week of registering.


Mission dates: 10 – 12th April 2020

Why not Sponsor us?

It’s not just about the exclusive goodies, but a chance to contribute to the convention itself, helping us put on a bigger and better show. Last year our sponsor funds helped us build a bigger main stage to host events on, as well as theme the hotel entrance and hallways with vinyls and posters, amongst a few other touches. It really makes a difference to the atmosphere and this is why all our directors are sponsors too!

It is worth noting if you choose Guardian of the Galaxy (super sponsor) option and have a room share, the room will be upgraded to an exec without your room share partner needing to pay the difference.

We have 3 sponsor levels, each have various selections of goodies you will be rewarded with for supporting the convention. These will update as we get closer to the convention dates.

Second TechnicianSpaceFarerGuardian of the Galaxy

Second Technician (Plus)

The exclusive Jefty T-shirt it back for Plus backers, with the design to be release later so keep up to date with our social media!

We had so much positive feedback on the T-shirt last year, thank you so much! This year we are working twice as hard to bring you something different and cool.  I quote many with ‘It’s wearable outside of a convention.’ It’s a must have!

You’ll also be adorned with our special Vinyl sticker.

Spacefarer (Sponsor)

As well as the T-shirt and Vinyl sticker, you’ll receive the Galactic pin badge. If you are a collector of our pins, you will be pleased to know we have made them extra special this year. *SPARKLES INCLUDED!*

Other Goodies will be announced later… we do after all need to send a few ships into orbit to collect them.

Guardian of the Galaxy (Super Sponsor)

As a Celestial Guardian who saved the galaxy, you will be pampered with:

  • The executive room upgrade with a mini fridge
  • Posh toiletries, Morning newspaper, Plush bathrobe and slippers.
  • Attend our Otherworldly Banquet (with GOH)
  • Shuttle ticket included (Fursuit walk)
  • Personalized themed Artwork
  • Receive all the Sponsor goodies mentioned above.

You will also receive most esteemed thanks from the Zedem Conclave.

Pricing Options

Want to extend your stay or get some extra goodies?

Please note: You will need to purchase late departure in order to access the convention space after 6pm 12th April for the ‘Dead Dog party’.

In order to receive the Early Backer discount, full payment must be made before October 31st 2019. Early Backer operates on Limited quantity available, first come first served.

Event only Tickets

If you are local to Bristol, this year we are offering ‘Event only’ tickets at £99 (Covers main event days) and ‘Day pass’ tickets at £49 (Covers events for that day). You can bolster your ticket with Sponsor options above. This option does not include accommodation, and parking will have to be paid at the venue. You will be given a wristband as your ticket for the convention space.

Please note you will be expected to leave the venue each day shortly after the last event of the evening has ended.