Sponsor Goodies

Why not sponsor us?

It’s not just about the exclusive goodies, but a chance to contribute to the convention itself, helping us put on a bigger and better show. Last year our sponsor funds helped us build a bigger main stage to host events on, as well as theme the hotel entrance and hallways with vinyls and posters, amongst a few other touches. It really makes a difference to the atmosphere and this is why all our directors are sponsors too!

As a thank you we will reward you all with some nice gifts in your con bag!

What are the rewards?

First off a huge warm thank you from the JFTW team and a sense of pride you contributed in helping out the convention. As for actual gifts, this will be our first year doing tier goodies and our aim is to produce special custom gifts for those who sponsor. This means they are made to order and won’t be available anywhere else. Perfect for those who want those rare shinies to show off and collect.

Goodie monster

For those who chose the £20 ‘Goodie Monster’ or above as their sponsor option, will all receive a 2019 T-Shirt and sticker in their con bag.

JFTW 2019 T-Shirt

Every year we make a bold statement with our T-Shirt, we are loud and proud and hope you are too. It really does make the Creative team members and JFTW Team squee to see others wear work.

This year’s fantastic T-shirt design is by VHS-Rat. An artist and lover of all things creepy and scary. You can find out more about them over on their Twitter or FA. VHS-Rats’ sketchy bold rough style lends itself to this year’s theme completely. This will also be our first year having more than one colour on our shirts! The design features the Clifton Bridge in Bristol as well as a variety of ‘turned’ creatures heading towards the viewer.

JFTW 2019 Vinyl Sticker

Everyone likes a good sticker. Ours caters for all users, whether it’s your car, laptop, phone or gaming device, it sticks to all surfaces.

Which colour will you get? Feel free to swap with others around the convention!

Sponsor Monster +

Stretch Goal Goodies

For those who chose the £50 ‘Sponsor Monster’ or above as their sponsor option, they shall receive a 2019 T-Shirt and sticker in their con bag, as well as the tiered gifts below. Please note Goodie Monster does not include the goal level gifts.

The more attendees that sponsor, the more stretch goal gifts will be unlocked and released. Help us reach our goals to bring about a better weekend!

Goal Level 1

2019 Pin badge. With a new design this year to go with our theme. Our Kobolds have design and are currently mining in Wales to acquire the materials for these.

Monster toy! Use it to scare people, or annoy them. They do have a choking hazard warning, so please don’t eat them.

We are so close to reaching our 2nd Sponsor Goal!

Goal Level 2 – Coming soon

Custom scary key-ring. In high demand according to our feedback surveys, so we will make sure we have something special. Alas we are currently chasing down Triffids, we need them to consult with us on the design.

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