The amazing team who make JFTW happen. Without their hard work during their spare time, we would not be able to bring such a relaxing weekend to you all. So if you see them, make sure you buy them a drink or give them a high five!

(Please note the above Team picture is a work in progress.)

Welfare Dept

Widor – Co-Chairman/HR Manager
Ash – Welfare Director
Sierus Sable – Medical Lead
Talon – EMT
Wyvern – First Aid Lead
Stonemane – First Aider/Charity Liaison
Remco – Security Team Member
Papillon Dog – Security Team Member
Dief – Security Team Member
Drayygon – Security Team Member
Emerald Sky – Security Team Member
Nightpaws – Security Team Member
Max Damage – Security Contractor
Codewolf – Security Contractor
Iracundia – Security Contractor
Sav – Security Contractor

Con-ops Dept

Bristol – Co-Chairman/General Manager
Tokala – Co-Chairman/Venue Manager
Cosmik – Registration Director
Ceil – Mainstage
RikMccloud – Mainstage Crew
Faith – Mainstage Crew
Alec – Mainstage Crew
Vaise – Head of Gaming
Wham- Head of Dealers Den
Tux – Head of Fursuit Relations & Events
Cyanide – Head of Strike Team
Foxie – Head of Con-ops
Zipi – Head of Events
Kosey Bax – Registration Crew
Gizmo – Charity Liason
ArtMadCow – Con Ops Desk Crew
JakeM – Con Ops Crew
Churchill – Con Ops Crew
Faith – Con Ops Crew
Geo – Con Ops Crew
Red Baron – Con Ops Crew
Ronnie – Con Ops Crew
Mayhem – Con Ops Crew
Dara – Con Ops Crew
Vulpine – Board Gaming Crew
Blackfire – Digital Gaming Crew
Aoife – Strike Team Steward
Murdock – Strike Team Steward

Creative Dept

Heartlilly – Creative Director
Pye – Creative Lead
EmberofthePheonix – Creative Assistant
Lockmoor – PR Assistant
Cheesey – Graphic Designer
Ndro – Graphic Designer
Harry Curly  – Videographer
Law – Videographer
Daylight Heartstring – Videographer
Wolfbite – Photographer
Booshie Boo – Resident Artist
Indiwolf – Resident Artist
Lapres– Merch Rep
Peachfuzz – Resident Artist
VHS – Resident Artist
Zikaur – Resident Artist