Our Theme

Run run as fast as you can, toward the Holiday Inn in Bristol Filton to be part of this monstrous weekend.

We seem to like our older theme ideas here at JFTW, and bringing forgotten things to light. This year is no different, ‘It Came From The Silver Screen’ is inspired by B movies or B films. Sometimes seen as low-budget commercial movies and shorts, but can also display a high degree of craft and aesthetic ingenuity. It’s not often you see an actual pet iguana dressed to play the part as a dinosaur.

Some inspirational key words:

  • Monsters
  • robots
  • space
  • dinosaurs
  • cardboard cut outs
  • black and white film
  • Sci-fi

Lets celebrate everything B rated!

Decided To Join Us?

Registration opens 15th June

Feel free to contact the registration team on: [email protected]